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Heat wave ahead

Heatwave on its way

The meteorologists say that from tomorrow until Tuesday there is another prospect of a heat wave.

According to the weather prophets, it will be one of the most extreme of its kind.

Today, Friday, will be a normal warm day. But tomorrow, Saturday 13 August, we will be hit by extreme heat. Temperatures of 36 degrees are expected out on the coast and up to 44 degrees slightly inland. On Sunday, the temperature may drop slightly and then rise again on Monday.

Monday could be the hottest day of the year! The wind strength and wind direction have an influence on this. But it will definitely be hot. The nights are and will also be warm. At present, it is up to having had 70 tropical nights – where the temperature is never below 20 degrees. Last night it was 28 degrees at 10pm in the Torrevieja area.

The temperature in the Mediterranean follows suit. The sea is currently 30 degrees warm. The authorities again draw attention to the need to be cautious and careful in the heat. No excessive sun worship and, if you are in the sun, make sure to wear a high-factor sunscreen. Also – drink plenty (without alcohol), eat light food, avoid physical activity and stay in the shade.

The extreme heat, combined with the minimal rainfall we have had, has meant that the landscape is very dry. The risk of wildfires is therefore very high. So big that several municipalities encourage people not to go out into natural areas where there is a risk of fire. It takes very little to start a wildfire right now, the authorities say.

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