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Hello readers! My name is Paige Lefley, I am 30 years old and I am a singer and entertainer around the Costa Del Sol.

My repertoire consists of pop, disco and rock and I like to have a variety of classic golden oldies up to modern day music within my sets.

I am the lead singer of a heavy rock and metal band Steel Demon, I have a duo partner German who slays the guitar whilst I sing and more recently I am in a tribute Girl Band (more information to be revealed soon!)

I will be bringing you news and information for everything events and entertainment related so you know the best places to go around the Costa Del Sol.

I want to hear from you

News in Spain is a paper for the people, written by the people and we want to hear from you.

Do you have an upcoming event you want to tell us about? Are you hosting a charity event? Or do you just want to tell us about a positive experience you have had at a restaurant or a day out?

Lets fill our feed with positivity! There are so many activities and hidden gems along the coast and I want to share and discover this with you all.

Contact me at pdl@newsinspain.es

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