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Hipodromo Racecourse undergoes makeover

Hipodromo Race course undergoes makeover Photo archive

Hipodromo Racecourse undergoes makeover for new Athletics Track after 20 years 

As of Monday 1st August, Andrés Ruiz, Mijas Counciller for Town Planning and Sports, declared structures to upgrade Hipodromo Racecourse with a brand new athletics track, new lighting & quality water systems after 20 years of useage. 
Over the more recent years there have been whispers through the residents of Mijas of attraction parks to be built on these grounds, yet since Mijas Council took ownership of the land in 2016, Ruiz shoots all rumours down as he states plans for the modern athletics track will be drawn up by the end of the year in hopes for the new project be used for future big sporting events. 
The area was once known as one of Mijas best attractions. In its lifetime the plot of land has been home to a go-karting track, a veterinary clinic, the municipal equine therapy centre for children, a Rastro Sunday Market, concession gym, equestrian centre & dressage, race course and the original runners track.  
Whilst the site conditions appear slightly abandoned, a handful of these still remain – including the race course that held the Andalusia Mijas Cup Grand Prix, though sadly the majority of changing rooms, buildings and seating have been vandalised over the years. 
The last Horse race meeting was on August 17, 2012. The ‘’Night at the races’’ gates would open from 8.30 and both English and Spanish families, along with the racing enthusiasts would flock in to get a seat at 5 euro a head.Races began from 10.30pm to 1am, each lasting approx. 35 minutes. Local bookkeepers were also on site taking bets beforehand, betting instructions were provided the information cards given on entry which would include information on the jockey and the horse’s competing.

Similar to Royal Ascott, there was an annual glamourous ‘Ladies Day’ event held, along with fashion shows, free-tours & concerts for all ages. 
The location is only really available to reach via car, and can be accessed via the new road near Miramar to La cala, or up towards La Sierra Restaurante – Cerrado del Águila Golf and Resort from Mercadonna on the La Cala roundabout. Free parking (currently) can store upto 1,000 vehicles. 

The equestrian centre is also still home to many locals with the trails still operating lesson and horseback riding directly behind the land. This riding school can be found from the main road a few minutes drive past Cementerio De Mijas.
The official makeover date for this renovation is yet to be confirmed. 
Did you ever attend one of the events held at Hippodrome Racetrack? Please, share your images and stories with us below and we will post our favourites to the group! 

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