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I want a dog!!!

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Is the cry many parents will remember, and several will dread! But also, adults have the same thought.

Is the cry many parents will remember, and several will dread! But also, adults have the same thought. 

And that’s great. Having a dog as a family member is just the most incredible and enriching experience. 

I only ever remember having a dog in the household as a child, and when I became adult and left home, as soon as I was able, I adopted a dog, Astra was the most amazing dog, especially for a total novice! She trained me for sure. She seemed to know automatically what to do, never ran away, knew how to sit, was gentle even when we brought in a cat and then a rabbit into the home, and finally our kids. Protective and gentle, loving and easy. Who wouldn’t want that?

Truth is, I was very lucky. When I see all the dogs being abandoned or rehomed now, many with issues, I see how incredibly lucky I was with Astra.

Now that I’m involved with dog rescue, one of my areas is to match the dog to the human. I love it when the match is good, and the relationship lasts the lifetime of the dog. 

In actual fact, when people ask about one of my rescue dogs, I interview the human on behalf of the dog, as there’s no point in a wrong match.

Most people know the basics, ie not to get a big bouncy dog when they live in an apartment (although if you’re the sporty type and go outside hiking a lot then there’s no problem in having a big bouncy dog in an apartment – my husband and I had 4 large dogs in a first floor apartment and never had any behavioural issues – with the dogs anyway, cant vouch for my husband )

They know to have adequate fencing in their garden for the average dog, and they know they shouldn’t leave the dog alone regularly for very long periods of time, if they value their cushions! But how do you choose the ideal dog for you?

Unfortunately, most people fall in love with a breed, or a type, or a dream, or, indeed, a dog at the shelter with the huge begging eyes.

They talk themselves into getting said dog, and after a few days settling, they start to realise that perhaps they’ve taken on more than they can handle.

After a bit longer, having asked friends, family and social media, the well-meaning advice isn’t working, and they resort to feeling they’ve failed and return or rehome the dog. 

Such a shame, but all of this can be avoided.

Honestly look at your lifestyle. See where a dog SHOULD fit in – ask a friend to write out their view of what sort of dog would fit you and be honest with yourself. You can always speak to your local reputable rescue or shelter for their opinion of what dog they would match with you and accept their view. 

That way its loads more fun and you’ll have a wonderful life together.

About the author. Inez Robinson lives in Inland Malaga where she has been involved in dog rescue since 2013. She has her own small rescue, specialising in the working breed Belgian Shepherd Malinois/

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