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Break in, in Tivoli World


Break in, in Tivoli World Amusement Park Benalmedena

Three suspects aged 40, 42 & 46 were arrested for breaking and entering the Benalmedena Amusement Park Tivoli World on Friday 26th August.

In the early hours of Friday morning, 3 suspects were caught breaking in by security after forcing their way into the beloved amusement park to steal materials at approximately 1:45am.
The trio were quickly arrested by the police, who confirmed the suspects were dressed in gloves, masks and armed with tools to force open their way through the gates to carry out the premeditated robbery.
Sadly, this incident is not the first attempted robbery on the premises during its two year closure, according to the president of the Salvemos Tivoli Platform, Juan Ramon Delgado.
“The attractions are still there, many metres of electric cable, as well as machinery in the bars and ice cream parlours. Above all, they are looking for aluminium and copper” Stated Mr.Delgado.

This incident marks the 1st full year of closure for the park, after a lengthy legal battle forced the Costa Del Sols largest amusement park to close its doors in August 2021, since it first opened in 1972.
Trivoli did close during the pandemic, however the doors reopened for a number of weeks in summer 2021 – sadly this was short lived and new owner Tremon Real Estate Group was forced to cease trading in September 2021 pending a creditors contest.
The furloughed 50+ members of staff, and even EX members of staff of Tivoli came to maintain the upkeep of the grounds despite no word of a re-opening date from Tremón, the new owner of the franchise.

“If Tremón abandons Tivoli, it will be through no fault of ours,” publicly claimed José Luis Guzmán, a man who has worked on the grounds since 1990.
Jose and the 86 dedicated workers at Tivoli are still volunteering two years on out of sheer devotion to the grounds. The team work every week Monday – Friday, and alternate cover over the weekends and night shifts to ensure that if and when the park can reopen, it can do so with immediate effect.
Tremon has since been called to the townhall by the Major of Benalmedena , Víctor Navas.
He openly revealed, “The staff are very worried, because they have no idea what is going to happen from next month and they need certainty about what the company that owns the business intends to do with it. We know exactly the same now as we did two years ago, and nothing more. Tremón has never come back to the town hall to talk about Tivoli and its future,”
One thing is for sure, if and when the doors do open – we will be thanking the workers for all their dedication and unconditional support.

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