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Netflix users warned of new ‘last reminder’ scam

Online fraudsters are targeting Netflix users. image: Pixabay

Netflix users across the world are being targeted by cybercriminals

The National Institute of Cybersecurity (Incibe) has issued a warning about the scam that cybercriminals are using to steal users’ personal and banking information by using a clone website.

According to the organisation, it has been discovered that thousands of users have been the victim of SMS messages from a fake Netflix platform.

The message reads: ” Your last subscription payment was declined; please correct your information.” Alternatively, the message might read, “Your payment has not been confirmed; please confirm your details in 24 hours.”

It is highly recommended NOT to engage in any online activity of this type if you are not 100% sure it is genuine. The problem is how to tell the email you have received is actually from Netflix.

NEVER provide personal information (user name, bank details, passwords, etc.) to unknown entities. If you are not sure it is from Netflix, you should go directly to the Netflix Help Center.

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