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Electricity prices in Spain highest in Europe!

Electricity prices rise in Spain today. Image: Pixabay

Electricity prices in Spain on Sunday, October 30, have rocketed by 33.13 percent to become the highest in Europe

According to the Iberian Market Operator of Energy (OMIE), the average price of electricity in the wholesale market (known as the pool) stands at €135.62/MWh today.

The cheapest hour for electricity consumption will be from 4am to 5am, costing €98.50/MWh. Later on in the day, the rate will climb above €100/MWh, with the maximum price of €225.35/MWh being charged between 8pm and 9pm.

Due to the complex billing system in Spain, these costs can fluctuate on a daily basis, something consumers are only too aware of!







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