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Important notice for drivers in Spain


The DGT (Dirección General de Tráfico) has issued warnings about driving in the winter months

Clocks were turned back one hour today, October 30, at 3am in the morning. Due to the fewer hours of sunlight available at this time of year, the DGT advises drivers who do not have vehicles equipped with Daytime Running Lights (LCD), to keep dipped beams on while driving during the day, making them more visible.

A European Union directive, approved in February 2011, requires all vehicles leaving the factory to be equipped with LCD systems, which have low-consumption lamps (LEDs) and whose operation occurs automatically with the start of the car.

“Several studies conclude that a vehicle driving with its lights on is perceived at a distance of 240 meters, while if the vehicle does not have its lights on, that perception distance is reduced to less than half. In addition, the estimates of safety distance, detection, and speed are also safer and the identification of cars is improved”, explained Pere Navarro, spokesperson for the DGT.

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