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Celebrations underway for All Saints Day in Spain

All Saints Day is a Spanish public holiday. Image: Wikipedia

Día de Todos los Santos’ (All Saints Day) is a public holiday in Spain, which is traditionally celebrated on November 1st

Celebrations are being prepared all across Spain for All Saints Day. There are numerous traditions and festivities that vary depending on the particular region of ​​Spain where the event is being held.

All Saint’s Day is part of the three-day Allhallowtide, honouring the saints and praying for the recently departed souls who haven’t yet reached heaven – Hallowe’en.

November 1st is also a very important national public holiday. People from all over Spain return to their towns or villages to lay flowers on the graves of deceased friends or relatives. There are not many other religious days that mean quite so much to the ordinary people of Spain as this solemn festival.

Many graves are adorned with lavish floral arrangements. Traffic surrounding graveyards will be heavy, flower vendors will line the streets, and special public transportation services are often organised. Several times throughout the day, the Eucharist, or Mass, will be celebrated in cemeteries across the country.

Please remember, All Saints’ Day is a public holiday– it is a day off for the general population, and schools and most businesses are closed.

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