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200 million years old fossils discovered in Algeciras

Example of an early Triassic fossil. Image: Wikipedia

Researchers have discovered ´exclusive´ fossils belonging to the Triassic age that are over 200 million years old

‘Astarté-Estudio de Arqueologa’ archaeologist David Gestoso and researcher Maria del Carmen Lozano from the Department of Ecology and Geology at the University of Malaga (UMA) made the discovery in Algeciras (in the province of Cádiz, Andalucia, Spain).

The find was made as work was being carried out at the South access to the bay of Algeciras port on the N-350 road by the OHLA-SATO joint venture, which, according to a statement from the UMA, “showed its collaboration for its conservation and investigation” from the very beginning of the project.

“We are facing a unique Triassic outcrop in Andalucia, with an exceptional degree of conservation compared to those that appeared in the Iberian Peninsula corresponding to this period, which is located before the time of the great dinosaurs”, explained the researcher, who is part of the group ‘Ecophysiology of Aquatic Systems´.

One of the lead researchers said, “The information we obtain from these remains will be an excellent tool for understanding and predicting future scenarios fundamentally associated with desertification and the effects of global warming”.

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