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Telefónica advises customers to change WiFi passwords

Cyberattacks are on the increase. Image: Pixabay

Spanish telecom giant Telefónica has urged customers to quickly change their router’s WIFI passwords after suffering a cyberattack.

Customers of the company were told that there had been “unauthorised access” to the router configuration data of some Movistar and O2 clients- leaving them open to a breach in security.

Telefónica stressed that with the configuration data obtained, the alleged cyber criminals would only be able to connect to the victim’s WIFI if they were close to the customer’s home.

Nevertheless, this is highly inconvenient as most households have at least 4 devices connected via WIFI. Business users usually have many more connections in their offices. If you need help choosing a strong password why not ask Google? It could help keep your network a lot safer in case of future attacks.

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