Home NEWS Tragic shooting accident leaves one man dead

Tragic shooting accident leaves one man dead

Tragic shooting
Emergency services were quick to the scene. Image: Wikipedia

A man died on Thursday, November 4, in Estepa (Sevilla) after being shot during a hunt that was taking place on a farm in the municipality

According to report from the local police, the 60-year-old man from Ronda and his friend were taking part in a hunt in Estepa, an area of the Sierra de Marmolejo.

The theory is that the friend slipped and fell- accidentally fatally wounding his friend with a shot to the head.

The death was certified by medics from the 061 emergency services. The Guardia Civil were also called out to the scene of the incident.

The body has since been transferred to Antequera for an autopsy to be carried out.

The Franz Weber Foundation is demanding drug controls for Cantabrian hunters

As reported by Eldiarioalerta.com, and according to a statement from the Weber Foundation: “since 2007 in Spain there have been 125 fatalities as a result of hunting and more than 700 people injured of varying degrees for an activity that is practiced by less than 2% of the population.”

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