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Temperatures Drop in Southern Spain

Temperatures Drop
Temperatures drop in Andalucía. Image: Pixabay

Temperatures dropped in Southern Spain on Saturday, November 5, but so far there is no sign of the much-needed rain.

AEMET, the Spanish state meteorological body, forecasted the drop in minimum temperatures in the southern half of the peninsula and in the Balearic archipelago along with possible weak rainfall in Galicia (northwest Spain).

The eastern Cantabrian Sea and the Pyrenees are also expected to receive weak precipitation. Cloudy intervals will be experienced in Southwest Andalucia.

Western Andalucia will have intervals of low clouds and morning mists are expected, there is a possibility of fog. Minimum temperatures are now in decline with maximum levels dropping across the Mediterranean coast.

Andalucia is one of the warmest regions in Spain with an average daily high temperature of 24 degrees centigrade. In 6 months the average temperatures are over 25 degrees.

It has been an above-average year for hot weather across mainland Spain. The problem now is how to fill up the reservoirs that are at their all-time lows.

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