Home NEWS Rail strikes in Malaga cause commuter misery

Rail strikes in Malaga cause commuter misery

Rail strikes in Malaga cause commuter misery

The planned strikes by the drivers’ unions caused the suspension of 61 services on Monday, November 7

The Renfe train drivers strikes called by the CGT union have begun. These actions were the first of the two days of protests this week (the second will take place on, Friday, November 11).

The minimum services established by the government’s Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda have determined the operation of 75% of commuter trains at rush hour and 50% the rest of the day. In Malaga, these figures mean that 61 trains of this type have been suspended.

“This morning there were many citizens who stayed on the platforms because they could not fit in the wagons. These are what they usually use to go to work, to go to a medical appointment or to the university, “said the secretary general of CGT of Andalucia, Miguel Montenegro.

At the national level, and in accordance with the decree of the transport ministry, the percentage ‘of loss’ is 35% of the Media Distancia trains and 28% in the total of the High Speed and Long Distance, such as the AVE.

Why the train strikes?

The protests of the Renfe train drivers are due to the signing, on Friday, November 4, of the new collective agreement of the railway company. The workers represented by the CGT union ask for “a salary equalization at least to the CPI”, as explained by its general secretary in Andalucia Miguel Montenegro. “In two years, we will be 8% poorer.”

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