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Spanish Court System Suffers Cyberattack

Headquarters of the CGPJ in Madrid.. Image: Wikipedia

The computer network relied upon by the judicial system has been the victim of a serious cyberattack

The General Council of the Judiciary in Madrid, Spain, has revealed details of the cyberattack that occurred in the second half of October 2022 by the Judicial Neutral Point (PNJ ).

The PNJ is a telecommunications network that connects judicial bodies with other State institutions and is managed by the governing body of the judges.

As reported by the Council itself, the attack is being investigated. The hackers ´may´ have used the NPC to access other institutions. However, authorities say no data relating to legal proceedings or other information held by the hackers has been compromised.

Sources familiar with the matter indicate that the objective of the hackers was, according to the first investigations, taxpayer data from the Tax Agency. The investigation continues…

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