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Provincial Council buildings in Malaga to install over 2,000 solar panels

Provincial Council buildings
Provincial Council buildings in Malaga are to have solar panels installed. Image: Wikipedia

The Diputación de Málaga has announced plans to install over 2,000 photovoltaic panels on its headquarters and on administrative buildings in the capital.

It is estimated that the institution will save at least half- if not more- of its current electricity consumption.

This initiative was presented Wednesday, November 9, by the third vice-president of the Diputación, Manuel Marmolejo, who stressed that it is part of the “commitment to the sustainability of the Diputación as a strategy against climate change”

The plan, which is still in the bidding process, will have an investment of 1.3 million euros and will be undertaken during 2023.

The cost of the electricity consumed in the Diputación buildings – La Térmica, the administrative building, and the institution’s headquarters itself – amounted to “423,000 euros in 2021, and is forecast to go up next year considerably.

For this reason, thanks to this installation, it is estimated that the electricity bill in Diputación could be reduced to “approximately 120,000 euros per year”, assured Marmolejo.

The vice president added, “however, not only does it reduce the cost of energy, but we are going to stop emitting 268 tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere”, one of the greenhouse gases that cause climate change.

“Our carbon footprint will be smaller thanks to these plates that have a useful life of more than 25 years” and with which “we will achieve a total power of 875 KWP maximum performance point, generating an energy of 1,300 megawatts/hour”.

Reduces the emission of carbon dioxide

According to the deputy, “this is the first step to install these types of panels in all the buildings of the Diputación”, and a measure that joins other projects of the entity to “reduce the emission of carbon dioxide, fight against erosion, promote the use of renewable energies and greater energy efficiency”.

To do this, he said, “Diputación, has developed plans to install LED lights in more than 7,000 streetlights, promote the use of clean energy in public buildings, change diesel for biomass, plant trees” and “the innovative study that we are carrying out in the water distribution network in municipalities with less than 20,000 inhabitants to make it more efficient”.

To conclude, Marmolejo stressed that “we want the Diputación de Málaga to be an example of sustainability”, something that is demonstrated by the fact that “it is the first institution at a provincial level in Spain that obtains an accreditation on the reduction of the carbon footprint that generates every year.

The vice-president further added, “is a commitment that we want to transfer to all the municipalities of the province so that they develop plans like this one to face the problem of energy and climate change”.

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