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Cruise ship Covid outbreak


A cruise ship carrying 800 infected passengers has docked in Sydney harbour Australia

On Saturday, November 12, a massive cruise ship docked in Sydney’s central business district carrying a mixture of 800 passengers and crew who tested positive for the coronavirus.

The situation has bought back memories of a fatal ship-related outbreak that occurred in Australia’s biggest city in the early, pre-vaccine days of the pandemic.

According to the ABC (The Australian Broadcasting Corporation), The Majestic Princess, which had just arrived from New Zealand, is carrying more than 4,000 people.

All passengers onboard underwent a quick antigen test within 24 hours of disembarking, according to a statement from cruise operator Princess Cruises.

Disembarked passengers not allowed public transport

Passengers who tested positive disembarked separately and were not allowed to use public transportation. Although local authorities have advised covid patients onboard ships to isolate for 5 days after testing positive, Australia no longer mandates that persons who have tested positive for the virus do so.

Princess Cruises said, “Our onboard medical team will continue to support guests until they disembark”. The company did not respond to a question on whether customers who had tested positive could isolate onboard until they recovered.

It did say however that it would help guests access accommodation in order to isolate. Majestic Princess was scheduled to soon sail to Melbourne, Australia’s second-largest city.

The health department of New South Wales reported that patients have been isolating onboard. According to state authorities, there was a “high level of transmission” and a “Tier 3” covid danger level on board the Majestic Princess.

CDC advice

The coronavirus is easily spread on cruise ships. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States (CDC) kept track of such ships for transmission at sea for approximately two years. The CDC issued a travel advisory against cruises in light of the omicron spike that occurred over the holiday season of 2020.

The CDC still advises getting immunised and undergoing a coronavirus test before boarding a cruise ship.

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