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Matt Hancock Stung by Scorpion in Bush Camp!


‘Im A Celebrity’s Matt Hancock has stung by a scorpion, medics rushed into the bushwhacker camp to treat his wound

When Matt Hancock yelled in pain after being stung by a scorpion! ITV’s medical staff were compelled to rush into camp. Take Me Away From Here!

The creature apparently sneaked into camp before breakfast and attacked the MP, nipping him without warning and leaving him yelping in pain. Medics quickly arrive at the camp to assist.

“Matt didn’t see the scorpion until it was too late and it bit his finger. He felt a lot of pain and made a yelping noise, but thankfully for him, there was no lasting damage.

Medics checked him over and gave him a clean bill of health but the whole camp is now terrified and watching out for them. Matt was saying afterward it felt twice as painful as a bee sting,” said a show assistant.

How painful is a scorpion sting?

“Typically, the sting is minor localised pain and a tiny bit of swelling — usually quite trivial effects. As far as the pain sensation, the sting would normally be similar to a bee and dramatically less than that of the bullet ants that we have in Australia,” said Associate Professor Bryan Fry, from the University of Queensland’s School of Biological Sciences to ABC news.

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