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How to vote in Spanish Local Elections explained

Mijas councillor and regular Newsinspain columnist Bill Anderson explains how to vote in Spain

Voting in Spanish Local Elections (British Citizens) by Bill Anderson

It has just been confirmed that British residents in Spain have now formally been included in the countries with reciprocal agreements with Spain. This means that you will have the right to vote and stand in Spanish Local Elections.

There are 3 conditions:

1. You need to be on the Padrón,

2. You need to have held residency for a minimum of 3 years uninterrupted.

3. You need to indicate your desire to vote by signing onto the electoral roll.

There are 3 ways to sign onto the Voters’ Roll:

1. Application for inclusion in the Electoral Census in the Town Hall in which they are registered.

2. Application at the Electoral Census Office in Malaga (INE).

3.By letter which they will receive asking them whether or not they want to be included and which they must reply to the INE.

The Electoral Office has begun to send out letters for those eligible to vote. If you receive one, all you have to do is to tick the box and pop it into any post box, “Postfree”.

If you don’t receive one you will need to call into your nearest council office and ask to register.

You need to register by 15th January. Even if you have previously been on the voters’ roll you will need to re-register as a non-EU country citizen.

Yet again, being on the Padrón does not give to an automatic inclusion on the Voters’ Roll. The elections will be held on 28th May 2023.

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