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Truck driver strike estimated to cost €600m a day

Truck driver strike

The Spanish national truck driver indefinite strike started today, Monday, November 14

The transport strike, called by the Platform for the Defense of the Transport Sector, has begun. Among its demands, this minority sector of transporters is denouncing the Ministry of Transport for not complying with the new law that prohibits workers from operating at a loss.

The situation of the small carrier, before the strikes were called in March, was complicated and “unsustainable”- the sector announced at the time, costs were exceeding their income.

The government offered a fuel discount of 20% and €450m in aid in March. However, the workers are now saying that this aid has not reached all of its members and that much more needs to be done.

The Minister of Transport, Raquel Sánchez, has requested that these professionals report irregularities that affect their activities.

This ministry said there are two ways to report any problems: a formal complaint where both parties are clearly identified and the facts verified, and an anonymous complaint in a mailbox. According to the Government, in the two months of travel of the norm, there has been no formal complaint and just over 80 anonymous complaints. Along these lines, as Transportes has advanced, work is being done on a new Inspection Plan for 2023  that will be presented this November.

Spanish State Security Forces reported to the Ministry of the Interior that the first day of the truckers’ strike leaves a situation of “normality” on Monday in nodes, logistics centers, and communication routes. According to sources from the Ministry of the Interior, only one incident has been recorded in the areas of Cádiz, Cantabria, and Toledo.

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