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Spanish hauliers strike ends after just 37 hours

Truckers strike called off! Image: Twitter

A group of Spanish hauliers have called off their indefinite strike after just one day of stoppages

The organisers cited a total lack of support from trade unions, road transport associations, some of the media, and politicians. Roads were clear and logistics centres operated completely normally on the first day of the strike, Monday, November 14.

According to the group, the strike action did not receive as much support as they would have liked- even some politicians were accused of harassment and discrediting the protest action.

In a statement published on Tuesday, November 15, Spain’s National Platform for the Defence of Transport said that the truck drivers who had joined the stoppage would desist after just 37 hours. 

Participants who took part in the protests said they had received “disproportionate threats” from people within the sectors which they work for. 

Reports from Spanish media said that the demonstrations and stoppages didn’t receive nearly as much support as had been forecast, with only around 1,100 protesters gathered in the Spanish capital of Madrid.

A source from Fenadismer (National Federation of Transport Associations of Spain) said this was not the time to strike and it wanted to continue negotiating more help for the sector with the government. Another group, The International Road Transport Association (Astic) said it “totally” rejected the strike because “there is no reason for such a radical measure”

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