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Spanish police warn of currency scam


Spain´s Guardia Civil has issued a warning concerning two very similar coins that are in circulation

Over the last five years, criminals have regularly reintroduced the same coin scam that has caused thousands of people to lose money. Although the coins in mention are of small value, due to the amount in circulation, it quickly adds to millions of euros of fraud across Europe.

The scam or switch involved two-euro coins being substituted for a similar coin in touch and feel- the Turkish lira. The Turkish coin however is only worth 0.32 euros.

In the image released by the Civil Guard, it can be seen that the design of both coins is very similar. In the case of the Turkish lira, the symbol of the moon with a star, the number one, and the following inscription can be seen in the engraving of the cross: “Yeni Türk Lirasi”. On the face of the coin is the portrait of the first president of Turkey, Kemal Atatürk.

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