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Costa del Sol to benefit from massive offshore wind farm project

Costa del Sol
Image: An offshore wind farm. Nicholas Doherty Unsplash omicron

Southern Spain will receive electricity from this very large wind farm project located 22Km off the coast of the Costa del Sol in Andalucia, Spain.

The installation, promoted by the firm IberBlue Wind, would include 55 wind turbines 150 meters high, with a total installed power of 990 MW. A private investment group has set in motion the mechanisms to build a wind farm in the middle of the Alboran Sea, located just off the coast of the Costa del Sol.

The project is a joint venture created by the companies Simply Blue Group, Proes Consultores, and FF New Energy Venture and is already in the hands of the Ministry of Ecological Transition for study.

According to the preliminary project prepared by the company in October 2021, the park, given the name of Nao Victoria, will occupy an area of ​​309.4 square kilometers, with a perimeter of 88.5 kilometers. 

Wind power is one of the most developed and present renewable energies in Spain, in fact, there are a total of 1,298 wind farms and 21,574 turbines installed in practically all of its autonomous communities.

It is a sector that is constantly evolving, and one that China continues to lead. Spain is a country that has a new and ambitious plan: to build the largest offshore wind farm in the world. 

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