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Cold front brings a drop in temperature and rain to Malaga

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A cold front is forecast by AEMET to cause a drop in temperature and rain to Malaga on Friday, November 18

The passage of another front will bring with it this Friday, November 18, a new period of rain in Malaga, Spain. This will be in addition to a marked drop in temperatures to values ​​more typical for the month of November than have been experienced.

The director of the Meteorological Center of Malaga, Jesús Riesco said that the storm is expected to sweep the entire Andalucian province.

Large amounts of water are not expected to fall, but it is expected to be more widespread rains than last Wednesday. Riesco points out that the rainfall will also reach areas of the Malaga coast, with a probability of 95% in the first half of the day.

Further inland, the percentage is higher, reaching a probability of one hundred percent when after midday, the possibility decreases.

AEMET (The State Meteorological Agency) also forecasts cloudy skies or skies covered with precipitation and morning mists inland and has not ruled out banks of fog.

The clouds will be on the move at the end of the day and beyond 18:00 in the afternoon no more rain is expected. There will also be no precipitation throughout the weekend.

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