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New DGT road signs for 2023


A number of new Spanish road signs have been announced for 2023

This slew of new traffic signs is expected to reach the traffic regulations in mid-2023. To become law, it requires the entry into force of a royal decree that has been prepared by the Ministries of Transport and Interior and the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT).

Two of the new signs directly affect cyclists and electric scooter riders. These are the first changes in almost 18 years.

N332 say that the meaning of the majority of the signs should be obvious, however, they have advised everyone to familiarise themselves with the changes. Full particulars of the brand-new Spanish street indicators can be found on the N332 website.

Some are updates, like the replacement of the steam locomotive on the level crossing sign, which has been replaced with a modern engine. The signal before a pedestrian crossing will also be different, like the ‘stop’ signal, with new measurements and shapes for its letters, as well as a new sign warning of the possibility of wild boars crossing the road- a common hazard to motorists these days!

In the same way, the new mobility (and the risks and regulations that it entails) releases its own graphics: for example, the sign that expressly prohibits the passage of electric scooters is born.

Also, there is a new sign warning of reduced visibility, applying to areas where fog, rain, snow, smoke, or other phenomena could reduce visibility for drivers.

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