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Councillor Bill Anderson acknowledges charitable work in Mijas



When I get into one of my philosophical ramblings, I guess I can sound a bit critical, so I thought I should rectify that. I have always seen my job as partly being where the people are and just last week I attended a charity market in the centre of my small town, La Cala. There were stalls from more than half a dozen charitable organisations, many of which work in the field of animal rescue.

It got me thinking about the many people around my municipality who are doing good things and I wanted to dedicate this article to them.  I can be a bit negative in my thinking, especially when it comes to the political process. Obviously, I can’t attend every charitable event happening in Mijas. My pocket wouldn’t stand it!! However, going to these events is not just about supporting the local charities but also an opportunity to meet with people. Inevitably, I get a “Bill, can I just ask you a quick question?” Quick questions don’t always result in quick answers but I firmly believe politicians should be on tap, and not on top.

I am reluctant to name names in thinking about the people who are carrying out the great charitable work around Mijas but I will anyway, remembering that they are representing a raft of other individuals whose names will never appear in print.

First of all, I want to acknowledge the animal rescue groups, who as well as re-homing dogs and cats (and donkeys) do a great community service in reducing the number of strays wandering around our community. But each of these groups have an army of helpers, cleaning up poo, and washing down the kennels, raising money for food and vet bills.

I dare not miss out the Lions Club of La Cala and they endless energy to raise funds which go to local charities, clubs and often help out individuals in difficult or stressful circumstances. Not only to they raise vast sums of money, but they always put on such a great event that really brings the community together.

I want to mention Val  Williams who has been raising funds for many years but stepped into the limelight during the Covid restrictions but setting up small events to support local businesses and turned “Simply Surviving” into “Simply Thriving” with her latest initiative to honour our emergency services with a calendar showing their sterling work in Fire fighting over the summer and raising funds  for a reforestation project.

Finally I want to acknowledge the Walking tours organised by Alan Boardman in Mijas Pueblo. Alan has raised around 7,000 euros for a wide range of good causes all from donations from his free tours.

Add to this the work of groups like Age Care and their volunteer drivers who make it possible for elderly people to get out to socialise and help them reach doctors’ and hospital appointments as well as the opportunity for good company. There are a lot of good people out there doing good things. We appreciate you.

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