Home NEWS Police in Huelva seize almost 2,500 kilos of hashish

Police in Huelva seize almost 2,500 kilos of hashish

Police in Huelva
Police discover massive drugs stash. Image: Guardia Civil

The Spanish Guardia Civil, together with the Spanish Tax Agency, Hacienda, have seized 2,415 kilos of hashish hidden in a farm in Ayamonte, Huelva.

The investigation began when the Guardia Civil became aware of the existence of a semi-rigid boat moored near the coast of Ayamonte from which officers believe drugs could have been transferred to two other boats that were also in the area.

Suspecting drug trafficking, a sting operation was established in which several units of the Guardia Civil and Customs Surveillance officials participated. Units were then put in place at the possible landing site and waited for the delivery of any drugs.

After sweeping the area for any suspicious activity, two vans were discovered by officers that had earlier been reported as stolen. The vans were traced to a farm in Ayamonte. These vehicles were later found to have been used for the transportation of the hashish.

A warrant was obtained to enter and search the farm from a local judge.

Massive Haul

While searching the farm, 69 bales of hashish, a pistol, two magazines with ammunition, several boxes of mobile phones, Sim cards, and license plates of five different vehicles were discovered inside.

One person has so far been arrested and charged with a crime against public health. The detainee and the proceedings of the sting operation have all been transferred to the Court of Instruction number 2 of Ayamonte.

Major Operation

Agents for the fight against drug trafficking OCON-EDOA from the Command Centre of the Guardia Civil of Huelva, the Tax and Border Patrol of Ayamonte, and officials from the Customs Surveillance of the Tax Agency all participated in the operation.

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