Home NEWS Driver arrested for speeding at three times the limit!

Driver arrested for speeding at three times the limit!

The red circle marks the spot police captured the speeding driver. Image: Local Police

A driver was arrested by police in Malaga after exceeding the speed limit by almost a factor of three

The Accident and Attestation Investigation Group (GIAA) of the Malaga Local Police has initiated proceedings against a driver as the alleged perpetrator of a crime against road safety for driving with excessive speed. The man was allegedly caught doing 220 kilometers per hour on a road limited to 80.

According to the police, the driver was captured speeding at 2:13 p.m. in the afternoon by a speed control carried out on Avenida Velázquez, Malaga. The vehicle was captured with a digital speedometer that was installed in the police car.

After verifying that the driver was driving at a speed far higher than the permitted speed, the local police officers arrested the 33-year-old man at the roadside.

Proceedings have been initiated for a crime against road safety due to excessive speed, which can entail a prison sentence of three to six months, a fine of six to 12 months, or community work from 31 to 90 days.

The man could also lose the right to drive motor vehicles and mopeds for a period of one to four years by having his license revoked.

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