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Stolen car found with almost 140,000 euros stashed in tyre

Stolen car Mijas

A stolen car stopped by police in Mijas was found with the best part of 140,000 euros of cash stashed in a spare tyre

The Guardia Civil followed the car and pulled it over after they noticed the driver was acting strangely.

This incident occurred around 4 pm on Saturday 19 November. The officers, who are based in Mijas, were patrolling in the Calypso residential area when they noticed the driver of a white BMW X6 take evasive action when he noticed them. The officers followed the vehicle, intercepting it at a nearby petrol station.

They questioned the driver, who was a 23-year-old Moroccan man of French nationality.

After searching the vehicle and opening the boot, they discovered a small jewellery box, a cash box, and a bag containing items of jewellery. The driver denied any knowledge of the items- ´Nothing in the car was his,´ he said.

After this statement, the officers decided to take a closer look and after searching all the compartments in the car and the area below the floor of the boot they came across bundles of money. More than 2,300 banknotes were found, totalling 140,000 euros, – much of it stashed in the spare tyre.

They asked the driver for proof of where the money had come from, such as a bank withdrawal slip or statement, but he said it wasn’t his either. After running police database checks, they discovered that the car did not belong to the man. In fact, it had been stolen in France in March 2021.

The young man was detained on suspicion of robbery and use of a motor vehicle and money laundering, the investigation is ongoing.

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