Home NEWS Long-distance bus routes in Spain to be free next year

Long-distance bus routes in Spain to be free next year


Long-distance bus routes are to be included in the Spanish government’s free travel plan next year

Good news for those who regularly travel by bus in Spain. The government announced this week that many long-distance routes will be free of charge for many users.

The extension to the current travel-free program will be put in place early next year. Raquel Sánchez, the Spanish Minister of Transport, announced this morning (November 25) that long-distance bus travel will be added to the current program. The program offers free local and medium-distance train rides to people who use them frequently.

The intention is to help with the rising cost of living crisis by enticing individuals to leave their cars at home and take public transportation instead.

As more bus companies are expected to apply to join the scheme now, the current list of 42 routes could be expanded to 79, virtually the entire bus fleet.

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