Home NEWS Police checks on vans in Andalucía to increase this week

Police checks on vans in Andalucía to increase this week

The police will especially be checking vans. Image: Wikimedia

Police control checks on commercial vans are set to greatly increase this week in the region of Andalucía, Spain

The last campaign carried out by the police resulted in fines for speeding, not having insurance, the correct documentation, or failing to load the vehicle correctly, among a host of other offences.

During the previous campaign, 13,440 vans were checked with 1,002 of them (7.46%) found to be breaking the law. The campaign, initiated by Directorate-General for Traffic (DGT), will continue until Sunday 27 November.

A spokesperson for the DGT said that particular attention will be paid to the way vans are loaded, as weight and distribution of the cargo are vital in case of an accident. During the previous campaign, a total of 66 van drivers were fined for exceeding the weight limit of their vehicles and another 32 for failing to load them properly.

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