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Spice Girls’ tribute to debut at The Cazbah Live Lounge

Spice Girls' tribute

Spain´s only authentic Spice Girls tribute show will make its debut at one of the Costa del Sol’s most popular live music venues, The Cazbah Live Lounge, in Mijas Costa, Malaga.

With giant personalities, British accents, and platform shoes, the girls deliver the ultimate 90’s dance party experience and share a message of love, equality, and, of course, GIRL POWER!

But, who are the girls, and why did they form the band?

Today, the spotlight is on Paige LefleySporty Spice!

Name Paige Lefley

Spice Girl? Sporty spice

Why did you choose to be that Spice Girl?
Paige: “Because I am sporty spice. I’m full of energy and most people refer to me as pocket rocket so the character is very fitting.”

Favourite Spice Girl Song and Why

“My all-time favourite is wannabe because it reminds me of being a 90s child but since putting girl power together my favourite to perform is if you can’t dance. It’s catchy and I love the dance routine.”

What song do you perform solo in the Girl band’s first set?

“My favourite song to sing is ´Survivor´. It’s strong it’s empowering and it’s about all the struggles we overcome to be where we are now.”

What are you most looking forward to in The Cazbah show?

“I am Looking forward to performing for everyone in Mijas and showing them what we’ve worked so hard on. It’s such a fun show and we are having the best time rehearsing. We can’t wait to get out there and perform for everyone!”

The Spice Girls will be performing at The Cazbah Live Lounge in Mijas Costa, Malaga, on Thursday, December 1.

The show starts at 9.30 pm

Ticket entry is €10. To buy tickets and save money, you can contact Paige, Gemma, Layla or Eva at 711 006 250 or 682 650 030

On the door entry €12

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