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Polar vortex could bring a wave of arctic cold to Spain


A break in the polar vortex could bring a wave of arctic cold to Spain in December

The first cold spell in Spain over the autumn and winter season could occur in December. This is likely to happen if, as forecast, a rupture of the stratospheric polar vortex occurs.

The consequence of this would be an outflow of cold air confined in the Arctic towards low latitudes and subsequent effects in the form of continuous rains.

Rubén del Campo, a spokesperson for the Spanish State Meteorological Agency (Aemet), said that “it cannot be ruled out” that this break in the polar vortex occurs “in the coming weeks”, which would lead to the arrival of a cold wave.

In fact, Copernicus, the European Union’s Earth observation, said that despite the fact that this winter will be generally warmer than normal on the European continent. The organisation added that the possibility of a cold wave occurring in the first part of winter is higher than usual.

“The pieces of the atmospheric puzzle do indeed fit with a scenario of a possible stratospheric polar vortex rupture, but this is not certain to happen. Arctic latitudes would give rise to a cold wave in Spain or Europe. We cannot know yet because we would have to see in which area this evacuation of cold air occurs, always in the event that the polar vortex breaks finally. said AEMETs´Del Campo.

The Aemet spokesman stated that “right now it is impossible to specify when and where this eventual cold wave will occur.”

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