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Malaga weather forecast for the next five days

Malaga weather
The Rain Cometh. Image: Pixabay

AEMET, the Spanish Meteorological Agency, has issued a five-day weather forecast for Malaga, Andalucia, Spain

The ´weathermen´ have forecast rain for the province of Malaga. Showers will continue for at least a five-day period starting from Thursday, December 1, through to Monday, December 6.

Traditionally, November has been the rainy season. However, this year in particular has only around 7% of normal precipitation. This has led to reservoirs reporting their lowest levels for decades. Some facilities are down to less than 10% of their capacity.

The amount of rainfall expected in December will be higher than usual and the prediction from AEMET is that it is likely to continue for the whole month.

Cloudy conditions will persist and temperatures are expected to drop by around 4 degrees.

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