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La Viñuela reservoir receives first rains after more than seven months


The La Viñuela reservoir in Malaga has received the first rainfall after more than seven months of summer droughts in the province

The month of December has brought the first rains to the La Viñuela reservoir in southern Spain for more than seven months. The worrying drought is far from being resolved since barely 1.6 litres per square meter have been registered.

According to the Hidrosur Network, operators of the reservoir, the showers are at least a beginning. There is a forecast of rain until Monday, December 13. Although heavy rain is not expected, the continuity will hopefully help to alleviate the situation.

The rain that fell on Saturday, December 3, was mainly centered on the Axarqua and the entire coastal areas, sparing the interior municipalities for the most part. As a result, the Paseo de la Farola (4.3 litres per square meter), Embalse de la Concepción (3.8 litres), Sierra de Mijas (3.5 litres), Ojén (3.5 litres), Ronda (3.2), and Alfarnatejo are the locations where more water has been gathered in 24 hours (3).

The intensity of the rain remains to be seen, but at least the forecast of the State Meteorological Agency ( AEMET ) is that it will continue to rain all week in the area.

  • The Viñuela reservoir is located in the centre of Axarquía and has the largest water storage capacity in the province of Malaga, with 170 cubic hectometres. It is known as La Viñuela, in relation to the municipality with the same name that is located close to its vicinity.

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