TECH: 3 reasons why Windows 11 is finally worth the upgrade

    Windows 11
    Find out why Windows 11 is worth the upgrade. Image: Twitter

    Microsoft’s Windows 11 operating system is finally worth the upgrade, and here are 3 reasons why

    Anyone using a version of Windows 10 that was released in 2004 or later will eventually be able to download the Windows 11 update from Microsoft.

    The new operating system, named Sun Valley, is intended to work with earlier Windows 10 versions. If you’re unsure if you should upgrade, read why it’s worthwhile.

    1. It is free!

    Windows 11 is free, which is one reason it’s worthwhile to upgrade! Yes, Microsoft has made this upgrade free for anyone with a PC running any version of Windows 10 starting in 2004.

    Therefore, if you have been putting off upgrading because you didn’t want to spend money on something that might not be worthwhile, now is the time!

    2. It is easy to use!

    Windows used to be a challenging and irritating operating system. It was difficult to use and frequently difficult to get the hang of. Microsoft has advanced significantly with Windows 8 and 10. Modern advancements, however, came at a price; these operating systems are still challenging to use.

    Microsoft has, at last, addressed this issue with the 2022 Update. Windows 11 is now as user-friendly as Mac OS X. This adjustment has a straightforward explanation. Microsoft is aware of this and very much wants its customers to upgrade to Windows 11.

    Making sure that upgrading wasn’t too challenging or uncomfortable for people who weren’t already accustomed to the new interface design modifications was important for the software giant. Even those who have never used a Windows computer are catered for by the 2022 Update!

    3. It is a lot more customizable

    Up until recently, the start menu has been a dull aspect of Windows. It wasn’t even customizable; it was just a location to find shortcuts to your frequently used apps and folders. The 2022 upgrade is going to alter that.

    Now, the start menu can be customized. It will allow you to add new folders or buttons that launch particular apps, and change the fonts and colour scheme. Additionally, it will feature Cortana, Microsoft’s digital assistant, which can be used to schedule meetings or add reminders to your calendar.

    Now is the time to upgrade. Overall we believe that the 2022 update is certainly worth the upgrade. Windows 11 brings some exciting new features to the table and furthers Microsoft’s vision of a connected PC ecosystem and a seamless experience between devices.

    The new interface of course will not be for everyone, but after using it for a few days, you’ll find it easy to adapt. Overall, the 2022 update isn’t a must-have upgrade, but you would certainly be missing out if you didn’t at least try it out.

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