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Andalucía leads the agricultural sector in Spain


Andalucía in Spain leads the agricultural sector both in the fiscal value it generates but also in employment

The agricultural sector in the southern region of Spain contributes 8% to the local economy and 9% to regional employment. It also contributes to a fifth of the value of total Spanish agricultural exports.

Andalucia is the leading Spanish autonomous community in terms of value generated and employment in the local agricultural sector, contributing around 30% of the Gross Added Value and a third of the national employment labour force.

The sector also represents almost 8% of added value and 9% of regional employment and makes the region one of the main exporters of agri-food products, concentrating around a fifth of the value of this type of Spanish exports and more than a third of the value exported by the region.

According to the report ‘The Agrarian Sector and the Food Industry in Spain: Main features and regional analysis in 2021’ by Unicaja Banco, regarding the food and beverage industry, Andalucía is the second community in terms of contribution to the turnover of this branch and by volume of employment, around 13% of the national total. Likewise, the agri-food industry accounts for around 30% of turnover and employment in the regional manufacturing industry.

Drought worries affect the agriculture sector

Farmers and producers of fruit and vegetable products in the region of Andalucía have spoken of their worries regarding the water situation. Many altered their crops to steer away from water-thirsty produce in the summer.

December is expected to compensate the areas affected with heavy rains forecast on Monday 5. AEMET (Spain’s meteorological agency) issued the warning early this morning, putting Malaga on a yellow alert for Monday, December 5. The warning is at the lowest level of the storm charts. It comes into force at 6.0pm tonight and carries on until 6.0 am the following morning, Tuesday, December 6.

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