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Palma Airport ends controls to remove liquids

Long queues at security will be a thing of the past. Image: Twitter

Palma Airport has removed all security controls that required the removal of liquids and electronic items from hand luggage while onboard an aircraft

The airport, located in Spain´s Palma Mallorca (Aeropuerto de Palma de Mallorca) is able to remove the restrictions due to the installation of a high-tech 3D scanner machine.

This was announced recently by the director of the Son Sant Joan airport, Tomás Melgar, during an interview about the renovation of the facilities. Passenger queues will be greatly reduced using the new system.

“The time has come to carry out a comprehensive reform of our facilities”, Melgar pointed out, since “they have been the same for more than 25 years”. The director said he has allocated a figure close to 560 million euros for the remodeling.

The works, which started at the beginning of November 2022, will be carried out “during the next four winters”, since “it is the period of least traffic”, and operations will not stop. “It is very important for us to minimise as far as possible the effect that this may have on both passengers and the companies that provide services at the airport,” said Melgar.

Liquid waste

Manchester Airports Group (MAG), which operates Manchester, London Stansted, East Midlands, and Bournemouth airports, confiscated more than 140 million tonnes of bottled drinks last year – more than 500,000 drinks!

Staff at Manchester Airport are still filling 80 wheelie bins a day with items discarded at security, while at London Stansted Airport 60 wheelie bins are being filled each day with huge volumes of sun cream, perfumes, and cosmetics which also had to be disposed of..

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New 3D scanners could end liquid restrictions onboard flights

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