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Spain’s Electricity price to reach its highest peak in months


The average price of electricity in Spain price will reach its highest peak in two months on Tuesday, December 6

The price of Spain’s electricity tomorrow will rise by more than 7% to reach 287 euros per megawatt-hour (MWh). This is the highest price recorded since October 4- two months ago.

That time, the price reached 289 euros/MWh and was reached according to the results of the auction held in the wholesale electricity market.

Without the so-called “Iberian mechanism”, which limits the price of natural gas for electricity generation, the wholesale price for tomorrow would be 333 euros/MWh, that is, about 45 euros higher.

This is according to data collected from the Operator of the Iberian Electricity Market (OMIE) and the Iberian Gas Market (Mibgas).

The final average price is the result of adding, to the 153.4 euros/MWh registered for Tuesday, December 6, in the wholesale market, the provisional adjustment that the beneficiaries of the gas cap have to pay to compensate the power companies that use this material to generate electricity, which tomorrow will be set at 134 euros/MWh.

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