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Traffic police launch Christmas safety campaign

Traffic police
Traffic police up their controls over Christmas. Image: Twitter

Spain’s traffic police in the region of Andalucía start their anti-drink and drugs driving campaign today, Monday, December 5

The General Directorate of Traffic (DGT ) has announced a new special campaign for the surveillance and control of alcohol and drugs. The extra December controls will last until December 11. Agents from the Traffico Group of the Guardia Civil will be deployed in numbers across the roads of Andalucia today. The agency hopes this will guarantee the safety of all road users.

As reported in a statement by the Government Delegation of Andalucía, during the 2021 campaign, 27,238 drivers were stopped by control points. A total of 781 tested positive for alcohol and/or drugs.

In the campaign carried out in 2021, 26,284 breathalyser control tests were carried out, of which 1.48% (388 drivers) tested positive. Of all of them, 325 (83.8%) were detected in preventive controls, 27 (7%) after having committed an offence, 30 (7.7%) for being involved in an accident.

These campaigns not only serve to detect those who break the law, but also to remind all those drivers who, even though they are probably not exceeding the maximum rates allowed, that the allowed limit is 0.15 mg/l. In the checks carried out last year, 773 drivers found themselves in this situation.

Please drive carefully on the roads over this very busy period, watch your speed, and most of all, DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE!

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