Home NEWS Man hanging Christmas lights falls to his death from balcony in Spain

Man hanging Christmas lights falls to his death from balcony in Spain

The balcony railings collapse caused the mans death. Image: Twitter

A man who was hanging Christmas lights from his balcony fell to his death after the railing he was holding on to collapsed

The victim was placing the decorations at his house in Vigo, located in the Spanish municipality of Valadares, when he fell from a height of about four metres from the balcony after the railings gave way.

The fall, which occurred on Saturday, December 10, caused the man severe head injuries. Police and the emergency services arrived at the scene only to find they could do nothing to help him.

Accidents over Christmas

More than 1,000 people each year are hurt while decorating their Christmas trees, usually whilst fixing decorations to the highest branches. Another survey showed 2.6 million people have fallen while using unstable chairs or stools whilst putting up decorations. Use a ladder.

And 1 in 50 people had fallen from the loft when getting decorations down. Don’t do this job alone, have someone to hand the decorations down to. Glass decorations should be placed out of the reach of toddlers and pets.  Children and pets can be hurt if they bite into glass baubles

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