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Man receives electricity bill 16 times higher than normal!

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The man in Seville was shocked by the bill. Image: Twitter

Consumer organization Facua has made Endesa refund one of its consumers after demanding payment for a bill 16 times higher than normal!

Electricity supplier Energía XXI demanded payment for an electricity bill of 1,275.79 euros to a man in Sevilla. This was the amount they said corresponded to the period between December 15 2021 and January 11, 2022.

According to Facua, the person was sent the invoice twice and also charged twice at his bank, although he cancelled the payment on both occasions- knowing it was totally incorrect.

Facua asked Energía XXI, the Endesa group marketer that offers the semi-regulated rate, to specify what the actual consumption had been in the period between December 14, 2021, and January 11, 2022, since “it was impossible”. that a flat, which on those dates was also uninhabited on a good part of the days, could have consumed 4,194 hWk over a 27-day period.

After demanding that the man’s electricity not be cut during the investigation, Energía XXI replied to the association informing that they are proceeding to make rectifications to the invoice.

The amount was eventually changed dramatically to 79.87 euros- 16 times less than the demand- for the consumption of 204 kWh.

The supplier said in a statement that they rely solely on whoever takes the meter reading. Always check your meter readings in case of errors!

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