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DGT warns of fake parking ticket scam


The Director General of Traffic in Spain has issued a warning to drivers to be aware of a new fake parking ticket scam

The City Council of Madrid has uncovered the presence of more than a hundred false fines distributed among various vehicles in the capital. The Police have confirmed that we could be dealing with a technique that is spreading rapidly throughout the country.

At first, you would think that the intention of these alleged fraudsters would be to keep the money from the payment of a possible fine. However, this is not the case, as it is suspected that the attempt is to steal the driver’s personal information.

How could they do this? The QR code that they include in the false fine is the only element that differentiates it from a normal fine imposed by the Madrid City Council. The scanning of the QR code into a mobile phone sends all your personal data to scammers when you try to pay the fine!

How to identify a false ticket

The same notification appears, with the header, the City Council logo, the code of the infringement, the reported violation, and the amount of the sanction, together with the amount with the reduction for prompt payment.

This all looks real. Except, that is, for the addition of the QR code. That is where we begin to realise that we are facing a scam. These are the aspects that the authorities point out as differentials to realise that we you facing a fake fine. 

  1. No complaint incorporates or consists of QR codes. Also, the one that the alleged scammers offer you does not allow you to make any direct payment either.
  2. Other more detailed sections are included in the actual official fines.
  3. Take a look at the front of the fine. The fake will be totally blank.
  4. Remember, fines are sent by letter or electronic mail, not just put on our car windshield wipers
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