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Amazon issue Christmas scam warning to UK customers


Amazon has issued an urgent warning to all its UK customers as shoppers are warned to be vigilant when purchasing goods online

Amazon has warned customers to look out for messages telling them to ‘act now’ or ‘act fast’. The online giant sent out the warnings after it was discovered that crooks had been posing as the company’s website in order to steal personal information.

Christmas typically brings in a lot of internet traffic to Amazon as people shop online for last-minute stocking stuffers and gifts for loved ones. However, it also attracts a lot of interest from cybercriminals who are looking to cheat unsuspecting customers out of money.

Amazon’s worldwide popularity has made it one of the top targets for scammers.

In the past, cybercriminals have been known to pose as Amazon through fake emails and text messages, in a bid to access people’s sensitive data – like usernames, passwords, and bank details.

The most common trick that crooks use sees people receive fake messages informing them of a product ordered, which needs confirmation before shipping. Scammers then attempt to dupe customers into passing over bank details.

In some instances, hackers have managed to install software on devices to complete orders.

Shoppers are being advised to fully verify their orders by logging into their Amazon accounts in the event that they see any unexpected messages. According to Amazon, only legitimate purchases will appear in your order history.

What to look for

If you receive a message warning you to ‘act now’ or ‘act fast’ it could be a sign that you’ve been contacted by a scammer. Top Tip: Logging in to your Amazon account to refresh your memory on past orders can help you avoid becoming a victim of fraud.

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