Home NEWS Drunken priest blames communion wine after crashing into parked cars

Drunken priest blames communion wine after crashing into parked cars


A drunken priest blamed the communion wine after crashing into several cars parked in a street in Valencia, Spain

Witnesses told police that they saw the priest speeding down Calle Pedro Aleixandre while at the same time using his mobile phone. Officers were told that the cleric’s car swerved to avoid other cars waiting at a red light, ending up instead colliding with a row of parked vehicles.

According to a report, locals spotted the priest’s car- travelling at around 80 Km/ H- clip one car and then crash into others, causing damage to five vehicles in total.

The agents were also made aware that the ´drunken´ priest was very angry when he exited his Audi and saw the damage he had caused. It is also said that he had been in a rush to get to his church because he was late for Mass.

On arriving at the scene of the smash, Guardia Civil noticed that the priest was involved in an altercation with a local over the damage caused to the vehicles. An officer made the priest take a breathalyser and he failed the test.

An investigation is underway to see if and what charges are to be bought against the priest.

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