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Rail link between Andalucía and Portugal a priority

Rail link Andalucía Portugal
Andalucía rail link would greatly benefit the region. Image: Renfe

A proposed rail line that would link Andalucía to neighbouring Portugal should be considered a priority, says Juanma Moreno, the region’s President

Speaking at a meeting to hand over the presidency of the Alentejo-Algarve-Andalucía Euroregion to Antonio Ceia da Silva, the president of the Alentejo Coordination and Regional Development Committee.

Moreno said this type of connection is vital to connect the regions which are the most distant from the EU headquarters in Brussels. The President added that Andalucía is the only region of Spain that borders the neighbouring country and yet is not connected by train.

The President added that the three regions-  Seville, Huelva, and Faro, have a combined population of over 10.5 million inhabitants, and need “to be looked after better, protected more, and cared for by the states and European institutions”.

The Portuguese/Spanish Commission for Cross-Border Cooperation (CLECTF) approved a set of recommendations to the governments of Portugal and Spain. In November 2022, the implementation of the high-speed rail link between Seville (Andalusia) and Faro, in the Algarve was proposed.

The extension of the so-called trans-European Atlantic and Mediterranean rail corridor, between Seville (Spain) and Faro (Algarve), was one of the proposals for cross-border mobility presented by the working group composed of the Portuguese regions of the Algarve and the Alentejo and the Spanish region of Andalusia, at the meeting annual commission held in Mérida (Spain).

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