Home NEWS Rain storms top up Malaga reservoirs with two months of water

Rain storms top up Malaga reservoirs with two months of water


Reservoirs across Malaga Spain have gained a total of 18 hectometres of water in ten days

Seven dams in Malaga have collected enough water to supply the entire province for two months. However, La Viñuela reservoir continues to have a serious reserve deficit.

The seven reservoirs have gone from jointly accumulating about 204 cubic hectometres to over 222 in just ten days. It is an increase of 18 hectometres. The importance of the accumulation is shown by the following data: Malaga would use all that water in 100 days!

Another interesting fact is that it would take almost two months for the whole province to consume the 18 cubic hectometres recently collected.

The seven Malaga dams are at 36.32% of their total capacity, which is limited to about 611 hectometres.

Just four days ago, (December 13), the reservoirs had 209 hectometres stored, with the first of the rains producing just over 5 hectometres. We can thank storm Efraín for bringing the much-needed showers.

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