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Felice Navidad! DGT Christmas gift for motorists


Spain´s DGT has announced some good news for motorists who own cars that have been off the road for over 10 years

It is not every day that Spain´s Direct General of Traffic (DGT) publishes something that motorists would consider good news. This time, however, they have, as they (DGT) have announced that owners of vehicles that have not been taxed or insured for 10 years and over will no longer be fined.

From next year, the DGT will deregister those vehicles that have been 10 years old “without giving signs of life “. That is, those who have been without insurance for at least a decade and without passing the ITV.

Article 35 of the new General Regulation establishes the following:

“Because there is a presumption that the vehicle does not exist or does not circulate as the requirements regarding mandatory ITV inspection and mandatory civil liability insurance have not been met in the last ten years”.

Other cases in which the DGT can definitively deregister vehicles and, without prior notice, the owners, which are also included in article 35 of the new General Regulation:

“When any Traffic Department agrees that the vehicle is an obvious danger to its occupants or to traffic in general. Previously there must be a report from the competent body in the field of Industry that certifies that it has wear or mechanical deterioration”.

“When they have been abandoned by their owners after verification by the Traffic Department. Vehicles will be removed from public roads by the agents in charge of traffic surveillance and regulation”.

Abandoned vehicles. The new change in the law (November 2022) allows any member of the public to request the removal of a vehicle that is in an apparent state of abandonment.

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