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Christmas weather forecast for Andalucía

Cloudy skies and warm sunny days lie ahead for Andalucía. Image: Twitter

A Christmas weather forecast for Spain´s Andalucía has been published by Aemet, the Spanish Meteorological Agency

As the region recovers from receiving a third of a year’s worth of rain in just 15 days, the weather agency has forecasted temperatures significantly above normal for the first weekend of the Christmas holidays.

Worried about going out for the Christmas eve party? Don’t! the good weather will return on Christmas Eve, with temperatures significantly above the usual values ​​for this time of year. The setting for the festive period couldn’t be better.

Blankets of Fog have covered the provinces of Seville, Cádiz, and Huelva over the last few hours. Expect this to continue for the coming hours- says Aemet.

The skies will be cloudy in the next few days, especially in Western Andalucia. However, no precipitation is expected throughout the region.

Meteorod, another weather agency, predicted more or less the same thing.

Tomorrow, Thursday, December 22, fog will form again across many areas of the interior of the peninsula. Clear skies and sun are forecast for the extreme south of Andalucia and the Canary Islands. Heavy rain will drench Galicia, and areas on the Atlantic coast, and in the southwest wind will be hit by strong gusts.

As the hours go by, the temperatures will rise in the middle and lower layers of the troposphere, presenting values ​​at the end of the day, at an altitude of about 1500 meters (850 hPa), up to 14 ºC higher than normal.

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