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DGT launches anti drink-driving campaign


The number of journeys on Spanish roads carried out by drivers over the Christmas period is expected to be close to 20 million (18.6). With it comes an expected rise in serious accidents caused by the consumption of excessive alcohol.

A direct relationship between the number of deaths on Spanish roads, and the blood alcohol level registered by those responsible, is well established. Worryingly, data published by the DGT revealed that all 600 drivers who died on Spanish roads in 2020 tested positive for excessive alcohol.

A new bill from the General Directorate of Traffic is intended to reduce as much as possible the number of drivers with alcohol in their blood. The eventual aim is to remove any person who has been drinking at the controls of a vehicle from Spanish roads.

Zero Tolerance for Minors

Teenage drivers are included in the new law, regardless of the type of vehicle they drive, be it mopeds, scooters, or bicycles. If the driver is a minor, they will not be able to drive after having consumed alcohol. The new legislation allows for tougher fines if someone exhibits highly dangerous behaviour.

If the level of 0.0 alcohol is exceeded, minors may be fined a minimum of 500 euros, and up to 1,000, depending on the rate.

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